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In the summer of 2010 while the economic downturn was still being felt and many automotive suppliers were on the retreat World Etching Japan made the decision that it would expand its resources in support to Global Japanese Customers - in North America. Why would World Etching be interested in that??

The North American Automotive  Market still represents the largest car market in the world for Japanese OEMS. World Etching Japan in collaboration with Mr. V Barbu/ Mr. K Shaw opened a 13000 sq foot facility located in Fraser, Michigan  November of 2010. Fraser is located not far from many of the larger Automotive Tool makers both in US and Canada and Michigan is loaded with talented automotive professionals.

The very first project started  at NWENA  was the 2012 Toyota Camry. Coincidentally this was also the first North American Vehicle utilizing the very authentic Acid Etched Stitch  replication for injection molding through a process invented by World Etching Japan.  Never before had there been such high detail stitch replication - this was a industry 1st for the Texturing world.


Since that time on many of the North American Japanese OEM projects NWENA has played a critical role in the Texture of molds as well as support services required to assist the supply base in successfully launching and maintaining vehicle production.

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