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In the automotive arena, timing in many cases is limited. NWENA,  to further help support customers who are building tools globally and to provide better customer service, offers in-house mold ASSY/DSSY services. Many of our customers ship the entire mold to our facility where the mold is disassembled and components requiring texturing are textured. Once mold texturing is complete, the mold is re-assembled and ready for either shipment back or trial prior to shipping.


This is the CORE  of our business in which we constantly focus on excelling and surpassing our customer's demands and high expectations. As the automotive business has evolved in complexity of patterns, simulating fabrics, contemporary design patterns, rich leathers, and stitch textures, NWENA has proven itself more than worthy of providing high-quality texture replication across different types of molding and tool materials. World Etching Japan (Parent Company), is a well respected  international leader in the development and technology of texturization of molds.


CUSTOMER SERVICE is key in this area. NWENA is quick to respond regarding customer needs and support, even in the most urgent and time sensitive of cases. Our main concern is not just to make an appearance but provide a quality job which keeps the customer in production with minimum setbacks. Services we provide include:

  • Texture Damage Repair

  • Weld

  • Scuff/Drag

  • Gloss Control - Adjustment

  • Mismatched Parting Lines

  • Onsite texturing (limited  scope)


These are added services to provide and ensure a quick turnaround on the texturing of molds. In Japan, there is a saying “the customer is King”. NWENA understands clearly this philosophy and works closely with our customers to accomplish the set goals. By providing more in-house services and working with excellent local sources in areas such as tool heat treatment, baking, laser welding, and small tool corrections, we assist our customer base in meeting their demands and making their schedule.


As noted above, NWENA Onsite services has focused on maintaining our customer-first mentality. We understand that in many cases due to timing constraints, tool size, or mold location, the customer may need servicing to be done onsite. Our expertise in mold repair and craftsmanship has allowed molders to stay in production with minimum delays. Additionally, if the tooling is feasible for onsite graining, we can provide an honest assessment of what is required to ensure an acceptable result.

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